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We missed you. Did you miss us? Maybe distance does make the heart grow fonder. And we want to reward you for being so patient. So this week, we’ve gathered details on Major Lazer’s latest and dedicated ourselves to the party lifestyle with Wale. We’re also sharing a full album stream from the Strange Boys, smashing the dance floor into pieces with Flosstradamus and saying farewell to indie’s first couple.

Major Lazer Set Release Date For “Original Don” EP

This past August, we had the pleasure of having our faces melted off by Major Lazer’s outstanding, should’ve-went-longer set at Chicago’s North Coast festival. After months of reconstructive surgery, we’re ready for the second full-length (details below).

But to curb our appetite, Diplo and Switch’s latest Major Lazer effort, the “Original Don” EP, is scheduled to drop on November 1 via Mad Decent replete with alternative versions of the self-titled track as well as a remix by Italian duo Crookers.

But rest assured! The follow-up to “Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do” is scheduled for a first quarter 2012 release. Until then, embrace this dub-down appetizer.

[Stream “Original Don” via Major Lazer’s Facebook]

Wale & Kid Cudi Get “Focused”

In other November releases news, Wale is prepping the release of his much-awaited “Ambition” on November 1 as well. To appease patient fans, Wale has premiered “Focused” featuring Kid Cudi on the chorus over at Complex. Over an understated track, Wale pledges his continued dedication to partying and living the life. We weren’t worried, but we’re glad to know where his heart lies.

Wale ft. Kid Cudi - "Focused" by RalphFolarin

The Strange Boys Stream New Album

Another great band out of Austin, Texas! What a surprise, right? Of course, everything is a bit bigger down in the lonestar state. And on the Strange Boys’ third LP, “Live Music,” the group has definitely welcomed expanded scope, size and soul.

The album is out next Tuesday. You can pre-order the album right here. Until then, fall in love with it over and over with us over at the Onion’s A.V. Club where it’ll be streaming all week.

null The Strange Boys

Flosstradamus & Kid Sister Juke It Up

Flosstradamus certainly haven’t forgotten their roots over the years. On new track “Luuk Out Gurl,” off their forthcoming “Jubilation” EP, the DJ duo head straight for the south side dance floor with this juke-inspired banger. Topped off with Kid Sister’s sassy lyricism, this track will be sent through the ghetto-tech ringer in no time.

Neither Flosstradamus’ or Kid Sister’s upcoming EPs have release dates attached just yet, but both will be released via A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records. We’ll keep you updated.

Flosstradamus & Kid Sister - Luuk Out Gurl by foolsgoldrecs

Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon Call It Quits

Indie heartbreak abound! The first couple of post-punk has melted their wedding bands into a bullet and shot through their marriage through the metaphorical heart. Over the weekend, it was announced via an official statement that Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon have decided on divorce.

They’ll tough it up and perform their scheduled South American tour dates this November. After that, the immediate future of the group is uncertain.

In other news, it’s still unclear if Moore and Gordon will be throwing a divorce party in the same vein as Jack White and Karen Elson did earlier this year. We can only hope…

null Sonic Youth

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