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Red Bull Mind the Gap brought skateboarding back to the streets over the weekend with a classic gap set-up in downtown Atlanta. The competitors put it all on the line and left everything -- including some skin and blood -- on the sidewalk while attempting to land their sickest tricks.

The inaugural flat-gap contest took place in front of over 1,000 spectators at the intersection of Poplar and Lucky Streets with a total of 60 skaters, who were divided into a two-heat jam format qualifier with the top 12 advancing to the final.

The finalists then spent 30 minutes trying to nail their best trick over the gap. In the end it was CJ Tamborino out of Minnesota who took first place with a switch varial kickflip, followed by Florida’s Matt Fink in second with a switch frontside heelflip and Wisconsin’s Nathan Morley in third with a switch backside heelflip.

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The competition was judged by Justin Brock, Jason Rothmeyer and Bob Reynolds, who looked for creativity and difficulty of tricks in this best trick jam session.

“I love contests like this at real street spots where you get to see these guys just go crazy,” commented Rothmeyer. “CJ landed a switch varial kickflip in the finals and it’s almost harder than a switch tre flip because it’s so awkward.”

“I’ve never skated a contest over a flat gap and it’s pretty freakin sweet, I must say,” said event winner Tamborino. “I love me some flat gaps so I was happy as hell when I heard about the contest.”

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