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There are racing games with physics, drivability and environments that are so lifelike you’d swear you needed to swipe a gas card -- and then there are games that take the racing sim formula, crumples it up, spits on it, then kicks it as far as it can, forgoing realism for raucous fun. MotorStorm Apocalypse is that kind of game.

Winning Tip #1

Besides driving through water, there are a few ways to cool your engines for boost. Some additional methods are using the water sprinklers in buildings, driving over an air vent and letting go of the gas button during a big jump. Just make sure you hold onto your gas button during split-screen local matches.

Take the levels for instance. Instead of real-world tracks, the stage is set in a fictional city plagued with earthquakes causing buildings to crumble, bridges to collapse and buildings to burn which acts to continuously change the course configuration.

Think San Francisco meets Mad Max. Tornadoes, storms and wind also affect game play -- and in true MotorStorm fashion -- can help cool your vehicle’s crucial boost function or result in spectacular crashes, which with its seemingly infinite number of slow-motion carnage, never gets old. With a 3D TV, it beats watching the Na’vi’s hometree go down in flames. 



Winning Tip #2

During a race, you should take advantage of the ability to “ram” your opponents. This is particularly useful when you have a vehicle bigger than your competitor. Feel free to nudge other racers into various objects on the road and making them wreck. Geico sold separately.

There are 13 vehicle classes in MotorStorm Apocalypse (up from eight in the previous chapter) that range from motorcycle, dune buggy, car, and truck that all vary in their driving characteristics.

Of the selections, we liked the dirt bikes. Not only because of their versatility, but also because it allows for hand-to-hand melee attacks -- watching opponents go down in a multitude of the aforementioned crashes makes for good times. 



Winning Tip #3

Besides venting road rage, another use of the “ram” feature is using it to improve cornering. If you’re taking a corner way too hot, use the ram function to correct your racing line.

While not the game to hone your driving skills on, MotorStorm Apocalypse is loads of fun, particularly in multiplayer mode. For localized fun, there’s 4-player split-screen that you take online.

For solo online fun that doesn’t require you to confirm that you are, indeed, 18 years of age or older, there’s up to a 16-player orgy with a new perk feature (ala Call of Duty) to buff up your ride. Another new feature is the ability to bet on the match using chips as currency.

Time to go all-in, bitches.

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