Brendan Fairclough Thomas Dietze/Red Bull Media House

To say that we were blown away by the amazing 360-degree Formula One POV footage we discovered recently would be quite an understatement, so we were equally stoked to come across this downhill mountain bike video shot by the same company.

Norwegian outfit Making View has developed these “full spherical 360” videos with their ViewCam 360 system, which allows you to control the angles using the arrow keys on your keyboard (or your mouse). Not only can you check out the traditional POV to see what’s happening ahead, but you can also look to the sides and even directly behind to get a better, more immersive experience.

For this clip, Making View hooked up with Red Bull Rampage competitor Brendan Fairclough (pictured above) and his Scott11 teammates Florian Pugin and Noel Niederberger at the UCI World Cup Downhill event in Hafjell, Norway.

Watch as Pugin navigates the course in front of Fairclough or check out the passing scenery as it whizzes by, and swing all the way around to watch Niederberger as he keeps pace throughout the course. Don't forget to hit the down key all the way and get a bird's-eye view of Fairclough himself!

We’ve now seen F1 and mountain biking like never before -- what's next?

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