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A carbon fiber pipe, “works” suspension and oversized brakes are all parts that are essential to the success of Red Bull’s MX athletes like James Stewart and Andrew Short, but no single item in the entire semi-truck is as important as the riders’ helmets.

Not only can these high-tech lids potentially save the lives of our heroes in a threatening situation, but they are also a testament to each and every rider’s personal preferences and tastes.

Nowadays, the majority of athletes’ helmets are based on stock graphics with some extra stickers and paint applied to personalize them, but they still speak volumes about the owners.

We sat down with five of Red Bull’s fastest racers to ask them why their helmet looks how it looks, and here’s what each athlete had to say:

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James Stewart: “My Bell helmet is just based off of a production one, but the thing that really makes it different and special in my eyes is simply the Red Bull logo everywhere. I have a few different custom-painted color schemes in the trailer depending on the gear I wear that night, but they all have the bulls and sun, and there aren’t a lot of people who earn the right to wear those on their helmet. That’s pretty cool and I definitely don’t take it for granted, that’s why I leave it nice and clean with no other stickers or anything.”


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Kyle Regal: “Haha, one look at my helmet and you can tell that I get some good use out of it. However, my Arai always keeps me safe! I like the simple and clean look of the paint job, and of course, having the Red Bull on the sides and visor really top it off. This weekend I’m running the GoPro camera on top, too, which should make for some cool footage of the race.”


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Mike Alessi: “I’ve been wearing the Airoh helmet for a while now, and I really like it because it is so incredibly lightweight, but still keeps me safe out there. The graphics on this one are basically how it comes from the dealer, but I had the Red Bull logos added. After that, I customized it with a few stickers from my sponsors like Rockwell and Skin Industries, and that’s it - time to go racing!”


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Andrew Short: “The graphics on the Fly helmets are pretty cool this year, so my helmet didn’t really need much to make me like it. I just added stickers from my various sponsors and I’m ready to run it! It’s definitely a pretty crazy paintjob, but it also stands out and makes me easily identifiable, so that’s cool.”


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Cole Seely: “I’m pretty lucky in the helmet department; my team’s title sponsor designs some of the coolest-looking ones out there. Believe it or not, this one is basically for sale by them to anyone (without the addition of the Red Bull logos), which I think is rad because a few years ago, it would have cost thousands of dollars to get something custom-painted like this.”

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James talks about his moto compound in the upcoming MX vs. ATV Alive game:


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