If you’ve been to Martinsville Speedway, chances are you don’t remember the racing — who won the race, how far you parked or even that the race was delayed by rain. But, you probably remember those hot dogs. NASCAR’s oldest and shortest track is known for its “Famous Martinsville Speedway Hot Dogs.”

These hot dogs aren’t your average Ball Park frank, they come wrapped in waxed paper with chili, cole slaw, diced onions … and did we mention they are pink?  What makes up this hot dog is pork, mechanically separated chicken, water, salt, as well as 2 percent or less of corn syrup, extrose, beef, flavorings, potassium lactate, sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, sodium erythrobate, sodium nitrite and Red 40.

Hungry yet?

Despite the ingredients or condiments, some people look forward to this twice-a-year delicacy while others care to never see one again. There are mixed reviews on these famous hot dogs, but let’s look at what the Red Bull team thinks:

“Years ago, some of the guys had a contest to see who could eat them most. I think the tally marks are still in the garage stall we were in that weekend. The winner ate 17 in a day. I stay away from them, but then again I eat healthier now.” — Sean Kerlin, No. 83, Tire Specialist

“Never had one, but then again I don’t like hot dogs.” — Todd Devnich, No. 4, Car Chief

“I have had about seven or eight of them in a day, but then I got sick. Now I just stick to one or two a day. I like mine with just ketchup, not that fancy stuff.” — John “Marv” Oehler, No. 4, Mechanic

“Love them! I have about six a day. I’ll have them for breakfast, snack, dinner … doesn’t really matter. They are the only ones I do eat and they MUST be loaded.” — Shawn Yaussi, No. 4, Mechanic

“I think they are gross. Who wants to eat a pink hot dog? And with cole slaw? I like hot dogs, but not Martinsville hot dogs.” — Nick DeFazio, No. 83, Mechanic

“They are AWESOME! My record is 18 in a weekend.” — Adam Wright, No. 83, Mechanic

“I don’t touch them. They are nasty. I had one years ago and will never do that again.” — Andy Morgan, No. 83, Mechanic

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