The Lamborghini Aventador in Need for Speed Most Wanted Courtesy of EA

It's fairly obvious that the need for speed is a real thing. Just ask Texas, which recently opened a 41-mile section of a highway designed to host the nation's fastest speed limit at 85 miles-per-hour. Or ask gamers, who will flock to EA's new racing game 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' when it hits store shelves Tuesday for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Vita.

In anticipation of 'Most Wanted,' is taking a look at the numbers behind the 'Need for Speed' franchise and the Autolog online service that debuted in 2010 to network users together.



The number of games released in the 'Need for Speed' series. It all began way back in 1994 when versions were developed for PC, the PlayStation One and a console almost no one in the world ever owned -- the ill-fated 3DO. Since 'Need for Speed II' in 1997, there's been at least one new entry released every year since. Yep, that's a whole lot of time on the race track.



The top speed of the iconic Lamborghini Diablo, a beloved sports car from the Italian car maker produced throughout the 1990's until 2001. This sleek beast appeared as a selectable vehicle in the first and fourth 'Need for Speed' games and as frighteningly fast police vehicles that tried to chase you down if you selected Expert difficulty in 'Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit.' If cops in America drove Lambos -- as they do in Italy -- almost no criminals would get away.

nullScreenshot from 'Need For Speed: Most Wanted' Courtesy of EA


78 Million

The total number of hours which people have played 'Need for Speed' online, according to Autolog. That's 118 times the average human lifespan in hours.


100 Million

The number of in-game photos snapped by players in 'Need for Speed' games since 2010. It's about 100 times more images than the Hubble telescope has taken of outer space in search of interplanetary life. Maybe the Hubble could use a bit more horsepower.

nullScreenshot from 'Need For Speed: Most Wanted' Courtesy of EA


110 Million

The approximate number of copies of 'Need for Speed' games sold, making it one of the top five bestselling video game franchises ever. The other four in the sought after 100-million club are 'Mario,' 'The Sims', 'Pokemon' and 'Grand Theft Auto.' Better watch your back, Princess Peach.


7 Billion

The number of in-game events from 'Need for Speed' games that online tracking service Autolog has recorded, which is approximately the entire population of the Earth.

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