The Haim sisters, Danielle, Alana and Este

HAIM, our favorite trio of sisters, just dropped a video for their new song 'Don't Save Me.' What starts out as a pretty standard clip cutting from performance footage to basketball players in a gym takes a turn for the ironic as the sisters join a physical game of three-on-three. Flailing elbows and bloody noses ensue.

New songs from the group don't come along often, as they admit in their recent Sound & VIsion documentary for Red Bull Soundstage.

"Right now, our songs are our babies," says Alana Haim. "It takes us a long time to perfect a song, which I think is good because we're really happy when it comes together."

Not including remixes, the trio have only released five songs. You can listen to the two latest tracks on their Soundcloud or pick up the online single at iTunes.

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