The Stone Rose Lounge at the Time Warner Center: Home of extensive shiny mirrors for the recreational use of Manhattan-ites, a panoramic view of Central Park that makes your nose bleed (epically) and a mini ramp? Well, hello there, Red Bull. We’ve missed you.

In honor of Fashion Week, Red Bull collaborated with the Gerber Group, Stone Rose Lounge, Rock the Vote and SOUL by Ludacris to present Thrashin’ Week -- also known as the grinding rager of the month.

So, who was there? Well, models, pro-athletes like Billy Rohan and Nolan Lee, and up-and-coming artists like Ninjasonik.


This fine lady (cough cough) made it backstage for an exclusive interview and chill sesh with the self-titled “action sports version of music,” Ninjasonik. This sick group, comprised of members Telli and Jah Jah, shared some very personal stories in the meantime. One that particularly hit home was the fact that they both suffer from a serious disease -- The Peter Pan Syndrome.

A phenomenon of the 21st century, the Peter Pan Syndrome is not easily diagnosable, but symptoms may include the following: carefree attitude, refusal to grow up, tight pants, emotionally driven monologues, and an affinity for breaking necks in mosh-pits. Note: if you experience any of these symptoms, go to immediately for punk-electro-rap therapy -- it’s the only cure.

Ninjasonik will be releasing an album titled “Peter Pan Syndrome” as a tribute to the victims (or heroes) of the illness, and remain hopeful for the future. And, despite their personal struggles and music ambitions, they still have enough time in their day to save people from their boring Matrix of conformity. In Telli’s own words: “With just one download a day, you can save a kid at a time.” I would strongly recommend this -- I just saved like seventeen. No big deal.

So, real question here is: where do these people come from? New York City, clearly. Telli and Jah Jah are revolutionizing the colorblind skater scene in New York, trying to bring everyone together no matter their race, ethnicity or even age. According to them, their sound is for everybody and keeping that in mind, they’re trying to eliminate the age gap that exists between generations so they can hang out with 15 year olds and create a bridge built out of common experiences. Sounds utopian, right? I’d say more like krunk-topian, but let’s not lose ourselves in semantics.

These kids have got some balls. Backstage, when Telli and Jaja looked into their personal, Ninja crystal ball, they said that cultural immersion is their future, man. They’re trying to open up some doors and teach people how to evolve.

As Telli said, “Do what you want, when you want. Evolution, man. We’ve mastered the art of evolving.” Keep an eye out, an ear out or a skateboard out for Ninjasonik because they’re about to blow up. Check them online, see them play and join them to become their comrade in what they call “the war of fun.”

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