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When you see "Nitro Circus 3D" you quickly learn two things:

1. Risking your life and enduring a few minor (and major) cuts, burns and bruises is no big thing compared to the thrill of a massive adrenaline rush.

2. These guys (and girl) are all about their bond. They’re like a band of merry pranksters who’re still playing together at recess, only now recess involves crazy B.A.S.E. jumps and flipping dirt bikes -- in 3D. We all know Travis Pastrana, but who are the other crazy kids? Let’s find out…

Gregg Godfrey - Writer/Director/Producer

nullNitro Circus

Son of a trucker, Godfrey shepherds his flock and gets them to kick ass and risk their lives on camera, for the whole world to see. He doesn’t just sit in his fancy director’s chair and graze at the craft services table though. He gets in there. At a practice for Nitro Circus Live in Australia, Godfrey landed hard, falling flat on his back after a loop crash. Like the rest of the Nitro crew, he doesn’t let a little body slam stop him. He just does it all again.

Jeremy Rawle - Writer/Director/Producer

nullNitro Circus

A lawyer-turned-long-haired action junkie. You’ve read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" -- just picture that dude, with B.A.S.E. jumps instead of hard drugs. He keeps everyone in line. Well, he keeps them on schedule and taunts them when they wimp out on a stunt, like a true producer should. He also does his own stunts, like skiing down an Olympic training ramp and pulling off a triple and 3/8 back flip into a pool.

Jolene Van Vugt - "Nitro Girl"

nullNitro Circus

She hangs with the boys and more than holds her own whether it’s on a toy trike or flying through the air on her motorcycle. Her dad and brother were both big into dirt bikes, and Jolene obviously felt the same because here she is. She was the first female to backflip a full-size dirt bike and she backflipped off a ramp into the Grand Canyon. Balls. She’s a “world-class motocross diva,” a.k.a. a badass.

Streetbike Tommy a.k.a. Tommy Passemante

nullNitro Circus

A former drywall hanger, Tommy is the cast member with the most… voluptuous physique. He’s also the funniest of the Nitro cast, giving Will Ferrell and Jack Black a run for their money with his comedy chops. He nearly died trying to jump a street bike into a foam pit but he manages to pull off some pretty hairy -- and hilarious -- stunts in the movie. He risks it all so he won’t have to go back to hanging drywall. So far so good.

Special Greg Powell - Travis's Crazy Cousin 

nullJeff Crow

As kids they tested the limits with their own little league version of Nitro Circus and now here they are, all grown up. Sort of. He went to college, played football, then felt the pull of tempting fate with his cousin again so he left the hallowed halls of academia behind and got back on a BMX bike. One of his major stunts is the “special flip” where he totally loses contact with a BMX bike while sailing through the air, then manages to do a body varial and get back on and ride off. No big thing.

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham

nullNitro Circus

A freestyle champ and fearless flyer, Wheelz is the only member of the Nitro crew crazy enough to perform all these insane stunts in a wheelchair. Born with spina bifida, Wheelz blows the Nitro crew out of the water with his balls-to-the-wall tricks. He was the first person to pull off a backflip in a wheelchair. Then that wasn’t enough so he pulled off a frontflip too. He takes a pretty rough fall at the Maryland compound in "Nitro Circus 3D" -- of course it doesn’t stop him, though.

Erik Roner

Erik is an extreme stuntman and world-class skier, and he pioneered ski B.A.S.E. jumping. He hooked up with the Nitro crew several years ago when Pastrana asked him to help B.A.S.E. jump dirt bikes into the Grand Canyon. No big deal. The Nitro crew thinks he’s “part Eskimo and part lunatic.” See for yourself in the flick, when Erik pulls off a stunt that involves a blob, a Panama City high rise, Elvis impersonators and a B.A.S.E. jump. Totally legal.

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