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Every year in September, the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas becomes home to the biggest international bicycle expo in the world -- simply known as Interbike. It’s a massive tradeshow that features over 1,000 brands throughout the cycling world, including BMX. Among the BMX community and pro riders, it’s the most highly anticipated event of the year. Companies show off their hot-new products and prototypes for the upcoming year, and as the highlight, a prestigious BMX awards ceremony goes down, called the NORA Cup Awards.

Created and hosted by Transworld Ride BMX Magazine, the NORA Cup Awards is a huge party held on the second night of Interbike to announce and give out awards for the #1 BMX street rider, dirt jumper, ramp rider, racer and flatlander of the year, as well as the best video part and video of the year.

2010 Winners

Last year the award for #1 ramp rider of the year went to Drew Bezanson. With the amount of wins that Drew Bezanson has in 2011 he has good chance to repeat. The best video part went to rider Corey Martinez for his remarkable section in the United video, “This Is United.” The United video also went on to win the #1 video of the year.

To say it’s a big deal to win a NORA Cup is an understatement. Ask any BMX pro and they’ll tell you it’s the highest honor of achievement and notoriety one can receive as a pro BMX rider because any rider is eligible to win -- plus all nominees are voted on by fellow pro riders and industry leaders.

Gathering Votes

During the last couple months leading up to the NORA Cup, the Ride BMX staff travels around collecting votes for the final tally and the winners are announced at the Nora Cup Awards ceremony in Vegas.

Hype gets built up all over the Internet leading up to the big night. ESPN BMX editor, flatlander and X Games judge, Brian Tunney is asked to cast his vote every year. He then shares his predictions on the ESPN BMX blog. A couple of weeks ago, he started writing about his predictions for ramp rider of the year.

You can participate in all the excitement on Thursday, September 15, when Transworld Ride BMX hosts the 15th annual Nora Cup Awards at the Pearl Theater at the Palms in Las Vegas. The event is open to the public and if you book now, you can get a specially discounted room for $69 plus tax at the Palms (valid September 12-15). To book call toll free 866-942-7770 and request the Ride BMX NORA Cup referral rate.

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