G-Scott G-Scott

Up-and-coming rapper G-Scott, who’s signed to Freddie Gibbs’s Str8 Slammin’ label talks about making it out of Gary, Indiana, and what inspires him to write music.

Real Name: Gerald Scott Bailey
Hometown: Gary, Indiana
Influences: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, Kid Cudi
Who He’s Down With: Billionaire Block Boy and Freddie Gibbs’s Str8 Slammin’ label
Side Hustle: Junior in telecommunications at Indiana University Northwest

Gary, Indiana, is about 30 miles southeast of Chicago. What are the differences between the two cities?

Chicago’s a whole different, huge market. In Gary, everybody pretty much knows each other. Me growing up in Gary and making music here, I had to find a way to branch out. From blogs, I ended up meeting my manager. He’s from Dolton, Illinois, but he’s heavy in Chicago.

When I was starting out, I’d go to Chicago and do open mics, showcases out there and try to network and meet different people so I could bring my music to the forefront out there. That’s why I guess sometimes the blog sites will say that I’m from Chicago when I’m actually from Gary.

What is your goal when you make music?

When I make music, I want to actually touch people, make them feel what I was feeling or help them out a little bit. A lot of times, I don’t have different people that I can talk to.

Whatever I’m feeling at the moment, I’ll sit down, write it out or make a beat and then make a song to it. That’s how I get my emotions out, I guess. I’ve got my family and different people like that to talk to, but as far as my feelings, I don’t really express them a lot. Music is kind of like my getaway.

The video for your song “Folded” takes place in a laundromat, the video for “Ha$H” features you wearing masks and the video for “Introspective Theory” takes place on the banks of Lake Michigan. How do you come up with the videos and the locations for your video shoots?

Most of the time, when I’m recording or writing a song, I have a vision in my head of how I want the actual video to come out. Based on that vision, I have a few video directors that I like to mess with, so I sit down with them or send them the track. We brainstorm ideas and bring things together. That’s usually how the videos come together.

With “Folded,” I was with Young Wonder. They shot the video for that. We ended up going to Chicago and sitting down with them. They brought the idea of ‘Maybe we should have you folding clothes in a laundromat.’ I didn’t know how that was going to be initially, but after they kind of laid it out for me, and we sat down and talked about it, it came out pretty nicely. I like trying to do things that are different, so when they said a laundry mat, I don’t know of any other rappers other than De La Soul who have shot a video in a laundromat.

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