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It’s not easy being on the receiving end of countless jokes, stabs, and pranks, but two-time X Games Gold Medalist Parks Bonifay took it in stride on Friday as 2,000 of his closest friends “honored” him at Red Bull Toasted at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando.

A twist on the traditional “roast,” Red Bull Toasted aimed to honor both Parks’ career highlights and even some… well, lowlights -- all in good humor, of course -- while celebrating the man who many have claimed to be the world’s greatest wakeboarding freerider, with more decorations and accomplishments than any other.

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Keep Your Friends Close

Hosted by celebrity commentator Sal Masakela, the event brought fans, friends and even random strangers together for a night of tribute and entertainment as Bonifay got the toast, or rather the “roast,” of his life.

“To me, a roast is about how much a guy is loved,” said Masakela. “The more people really go in for him and really tell the stories and the jokes, it really demonstrates how much a person is loved.”

Returning to the notable Hard Rock Live Orlando, where Bonifay’s biography film was premiered, Red Bull Toasted featured celebrity guests including professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, stand up comedians Dan Levy and Tammy Pescatelli and wakeboarding influentials like 2007 Rookie of the Year Adam Errington, four-time World Champion Shaun Murray and legend Zane Schwenk.

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“To have all my close friends in the crowd and on stage making fun of me and complementing me sometimes… it was a big night,” Parks commented. “I’m still a little choked up."

A 30-minute show from Red Bull Toasted featuring Parks Bonifay will air on FUEL TV later this year.

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