Pat Moore at Keystone Mountain, Colorado Red Bull Photofiles

As one of snowboarding's true renaissance men, Pat Moore hasn't let himself be constricted by any labels, pursuing (and excelling at) many different specialties within snowboarding. You already know what he can do, so how about we help give you an idea of what he's like by having him share some of his favorite things with us. From Bukowski to Slayer, Tarantino to skatebaording, Pat's always full of surprises...

Favorite movie:
My favorite movie as of right now would have to be Inglorious Basterds. Tarantino is amazing and the cast is so sick. I love the humor and the violence combined.

Favorite book:
I think my favorite book would have to be Charles Bukowski's Factotum. I love everything that he's written.

Favorite TV show:
I don't really watch TV, but if I had to, I’d say Metalocalypse. That show is so funny, and it’s all about death metal!

"I treat myself like one of my pets: if I do good, I get a treat."

Favorite magazine:
Favorite mags would have to be either Thrasher or Snowboarder Mag. They cover what I want to hear about.

Favorite song or artist:
My favorite song would probably be Slayer's Expendable Youth.

Favorite animal:
Either my cat Thunderpuss or my dog Lola.

Favorite color:
Black. Straight to the point.

Favorite holiday:
My birthday, duh.

Favorite tech gadget:
Probably my Blackberry; it saves my life on a day to day basis.

Favorite thing to eat:
Breakfast; I always wake up hungry.

null Nicholas Schrunk/Red Bull Photofiles

Favorite thing to wear:
Jeans and a t-shirt. Keep it casual.

Favorite place to be:
On the road.

Favorite way to indulge or treat/reward yourself:
Food. I treat myself like one of my pets: if I do good, I get a treat.

Favorite times to get up/go to bed:
I like to wake up early and go to bed late. Sleep is for the birds.

Favorite thing to spend money on:
My house; it’s like a really expensive girlfriend.

Favorite thing to do in your free time:
Skateboard with my friends.

Favorite Red Bull product (regular, sugarfree, energy shot, cola):
OG regular. I do like the cola too, though.

Favorite time for a Red Bull:
When it’s time to get after it! 

null Red Bull Photofiles

Favorite thing about your sport:
Freedom to do whatever you want. You don't have to think about anything else.

Favorite sport other than your own:
Skateboarding. Soccer comes in a distant third, though.

Favorite celebrity or sports star:
The Tomato.

Favorite people to snowboard with:
All my friends from New Hampshire. Good people, good times.

Favorite thing in your house or apartment:
The location is perfect; close to town but far enough away. You also have to cross a wooden covered bridge to get to it - very New Hampshire.

Favorite thing about your life:
I'm constantly surrounded by good people and amazing scenarios.






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