Pedro Barros

At the :40 mark of the video below, Pedro Barros, the 17-year-old skate genius, barrels down a sidewalk at an insane clip, carrying the speed onto a long concrete ramp that sends him a dozen feet above the ground. The best part? There's another six minutes left in the video and it only gets better.

Barros, the X Games gold medalist in Skateboard Park, dominated the bowl season in 2012, winning Bowl-a-Ramas in Australia, New Zealand and New York City, and the Pro-tec Pool Party. It's definitely cool to see him out on the street.

He dropped the first part of the video series last April. The second part was directed and edited by Marcos Feijó (with some additional footage from André Barros, Ragueb Rogério, Iravideomaker and Alexandre Sal). The song is 'Prehistoric Dog' by Red Fang.

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