Rajon Rondo Craig Wetherby/Red Bull Photofiles

With a total of sixty-seven assists in Boston’s first four games, Rondo is accumulating unreal NBA 2K11-type statistics that have him on a record-setting pace.

Fresh off of an opening night that saw the Celtics hand the much-hyped Miami Heat their first and only defeat of the season, Rondo managed to drop 50 dimes in his first three games of the season, the most-ever in a three-game span in the storied history of the Boston Celtics.

Rondo is well known for his ability to pick pockets on the basketball court, so Red Bull launched the Boston’s Got Wings initiative, where $500 is donated to Boston’s parks for every steal Rondo accumulates.

His generosity, however, doesn’t end there. His 16.8 assists per game has led the Celtics to a 3-1 start and has his teammates raving. Just ask off-season acquisition Jermaine O’Neal: "I knew Rondo was a pretty good young point guard, but his control and his command of the game - it's light years ahead of his age," he said. "He looks like he's been in the league 15 years already. It's rare you find point guards with that type of command.”

Following Rondo’s 17-assist performance against the Detroit Pistons, Celtics teammate and Future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett had the following to say about Rondo’s chances at setting a new record: “It's all about the flow. It's all about guys hitting shots. He's in a real good groove; he knows when to attack. He's picking and choosing when to do certain things. He's keeping defenses off balance. Who says he can't?"

As Rondo continues to dish out more dimes than a busted parking meter, he’s also accumulated 10 steals in his first four games. Rondo acknowledges that most of the Celtics offensive success begins on the defensive end, saying, “It starts with our initial defense."

Now in his fifth season, Rondo has steadily improved his overall game. Tack on his 10.7 points per game average, his league-leading assists, and the probability to lead the NBA in steals and you have yourself an early-season candidate for NBA MVP.

Checkout a recap of Rondo’s career-high 24 assists in a victory over the Knicks on October 30th:






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