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During the first quarter of Boston’s 112-107 win over the Miami Heat in South Beach on Thursday, Rondo decided to greet Miami’s Chris Bosh with a thunderous jam that sent the NBA world buzzing.

Fire up the old internet machine or pull out your smart phone as you watch an NBA game and you’ll notice fans and media alike react to just about every second of every game. Here are some of our favorite mentions around the Twitterverse following Rondo’s dunk in South Beach last night:

@widewordofsport -  Anybody get a chance to ask Bosh how Rajon's nuts tasted?

@Nocoms2 -  Damn Rondo just dunked on Chris Bosh, this is the year of the point guard.

@jiivy  - As soon as I get on a comp, I will replay Rondo's dunk from last night...like 3-5 times...and I'll say Wowie WOWzers each time.

@jkenric - Hey @chrisbosh, you see the youtube clip of that Rondo dunk?

@Chef_ChadD - My startin 5: Rondo (cuz of that dunk alone last nite), Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Howard.

@John_Paulsen - Rajon Rondo with big-time dunk on Chris Bosh: Paging Mr. Bosh….come in, Mr. Bosh…

As Rondo’s dunk remains the talk of the Internet, his diverse array of skills continues to speak volumes around the league. His league-leading 14.9 assists per game still has him on pace to surpass John Stockton’s 21-year-old record of 14.5 assists per game.

“Last year, seven and eight assists were good for me,” Rondo said. “Now, people are expecting me to get 15 or 16 every night. I don’t know if it’s realistic, but I’m going to continue to try as long as guys make shots.”

Whether or not the record falls, Rondo continues to hone his all-around game, which was on display in Miami last night. Rondo followed up his spectacular first quarter dunk with a solid game to the tune of eight points, sixteen assists and three steals.

Celtics President Danny Ainge has marveled at Rondo’s growth as a player: “I just think he’s becoming a better player. He’s getting better all the time and he’s fun to watch.” Although Chris Bosh will most likely beg to differ on the fun to watch part, we couldn’t agree more with Ainge.

In case you missed it, or if you just want to watch it again, here’s Rondo saying hello to Bosh. Up high, down hard in HD:





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