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The long days in the desert heat are really starting to pay off for the builders. Most of them are on their last major projects, the majority of which are nearing completion almost simultaneously.  Where one set of builders is finishing up a project, just below them another set is putting in the necessary following section so riders can find their way through these enormous lines.

You may pass one feature in a line and think to yourself, "That has to be the banger element of this line." Slowly you realize, the more time you spend in the desert, that all the lines being put in out here are made up entirely of banger elements.

The Bourdon Brothers -- Dennis and Robbie -- along with Adam Billinghurst have been building a top-secret desert roost that rollercoasters off the canyon walls.  While putting some last visual touches on the feature, Creative Director Billinghurst says, "Man, I just want to murder this thing out!" Needless to say, these guys have been "making this thing look fu*&$Kn awesome," as Robbie explained when asked what he was up to.

The desert diggers, Josh Bender and Randy Spangler, have been climbing ridges and ducking around like couple of lone coyotes, sneaking lines in all over the canyon. Spangler has been operating the excavator among the deep valley walls to build the new step-up "Stonehenge," as Bender calls it. 

Bender has been picking and hacking his way through the firm and crusty desert top layer to get new segments of lines linked together. With Spangler's techy machine work and Benders ox-like digging and plowing attitude, they've been putting together amazing dirt segments from the top of the course to the very bottom. 

The vision to take an idea to reality in this terrain is a major accomplishment. Now, looking at all the finely-crafted features, hand-chiseled lines, and mass assortment of options, the builders are looking forward to putting their finishing marks on the course in preparation for the day of shred.

If you aren't already excited about this event with plans to come out and watch, get busy making some arrangements and get out to the desert. The top riders in the world will be put to the test, and this will be one of the best events of the year to attend.

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