Saigon set to tour on the Strange Noize Tour 2011 Piper Carter


Here’s a quick round-up of noteworthy happenings in the rap world throughout the last two weeks. A long overdue debut, a silly rivalry based off jealousy, underground boom-bap and Snoop’s latest female sermon make the list this time.

Saigon Shines Strong

It took nearly a decade, but Saigon’s debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, finally arrived in stores February 15. It was the No. 7 rap album on the Billboard charts its first week and has enjoyed virtually universal acclaim from a wide range of media outlets.

Hoping to sustain his momentum, the New Yorker will be co-headlining the 25-city Strange Noize Tour 2011, which kicks off March 5 at Harpo’s in Detroit and concludes April 18 at The Knitting Factory in Reno, Nevada.

After such a long wait, it’s great to see a high-quality artist and lyrically sharp rapper like Saigon making major moves on the charts and on the road.

Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj Catfight Continues

Nicki Minaj single-handedly made female rappers relevant again, but that hasn’t stopped Lil’ Kim from hating. It’s likely jealously, as Kim was once the Queen B of rap and has now been replaced by Minaj, whose Pink Friday album has sold more than 1 million copies.

Kim hasn’t enjoyed such lofty sales since 2003’s La Bella Mafia, and as an artist who clearly covets and relishes attention, Kim has sadly diminished her legacy by attacking Minaj.

If anything, the two should have figured out a way to help each other -- Kim could have taught Minaj how to sustain a career and Minaj could have touted Kim’s status as a legend. Instead, it’s just venom. There’s plenty of room for other female rappers, Kim. Get over it.

Q-Unique’s Caught

The former Arsonists member’s Between Heaven And Hell album dropped a few months ago, but his new video for “Green Grass” literally breathes new life into the project.

Shot in London, England, the video features the Brooklyn rapper taking over the body of a smoker once he inhales some powerful weed. There’s also a boatload of humorous spontaneous appearances from random people on the street, but there’s nothing funny about Q-Unique’s music.

He delivers the type of potent, boom-bap rap that evokes the feel of the gritty streets of New York.

Snoop Dogg Agrees With Jay-Z

Jigga famously had 99 problems and a b wasn’t one. Snoop Dogg seems to be on the same page.

The Doggfather’s forthcoming Doggumentary album includes the confrontational “I Don’t Need No B****.” Featuring Devin The Dude and Kobe Honeycutt, the song showcases Snoop taking conniving women to task for trying to get over on him.

The always comedic Devin The Dude adds his devilishly sly humor to the track. Snoop’s never been afraid to let the ladies knows how he really feels. Brace yourself and check yourself.

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