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White female rappers fight claims of racism, Cam’ron leaves little to the imagination on his new single and Roddy Rod delivers rousing boom bap beats -- read on for the Rap-Up list.

Kreayshawn, Iggy Azalea Deal With Charges Of Racism

White rappers have always faced an uphill battle, and now white female rappers Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea are dealing with different charges of racism. Over the weekend, a series of racist tweets were sent from Kreayshawn’s account. The “Gucci Gucci” rapper said that her account was hacked and denied sending tweets that, among other things, chided black women about their hair and parenting prowess, and dropped the N-word repeatedly.

Then there’s Azalea, who is catching heat for a line in her “D.R.U.G.S.” song, one where she says she’s a “runaway slave” before pausing and adding the word “master.” She’s since apologized for the gaffe, writing a letter to the world and saying that the lyric was “tacky and careless.” Now that the spotlight is on white female rappers for the first time in the genre’s history, things are already getting tense.

Cam’ron Takes A Different Approach To “F#$% You”

He’s never been known as the most discreet gentleman, so it’s little surprise that Cam’ron cuts right to the chase on his new single “F#$% You”. Unlike Cee Lo Green’s song of the same name from two years ago, this is no angry response to the dude who swiped his girl. Rather, Killa Cam raps about a girl wanting to get with him.

Flowing with a steely command over a beat with the same type of sped-up soul and chopped vocals that helped Cam’s Dipset crew rise to prominence, the Harlemite uses a husky vocal tone to share this salacious story of some X-rated adventures. Later this year, Cam is slated to release “Killa Season 2” and team with the Diplomats for “Diplomatic Immunity 3.” After a few years of lying low, Cam appears ready to unload a new round of sports, drugs and entertainment.

Roddy Rod Delivers ‘1Derful’ Beats

Beats are the foundation of rap music and Roddy Rod (of Maspyke and Low Budget fame) has just delivered a stout collection of boom-bap soundbeds on his new 21-track album, “Oakwood Grain II”. Seventeen of the 21 cuts are instrumentals, highlighting Rod’s prowess behind the boards. One of the selections with vocals, “Truly 1Derful” features Cynthia Hawkes rapping about the splendor of ultimate love over Rod’s crisp drums, soothing guitar and funky organs.

As for the instrumentals, “Magic” features atmospheric keys and sharp percussion, while “Lightly Anxious” showcases an unorthodox drum pattern and muted horns. Fans of Rod’s work will be glad to hear that “Oakwood Grain 1” will be available for the first time in the United States as part of a two-disc set with Volume 2.

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