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An emerging artist celebrates the lifestyle he leads, an all-star trio flaunts their region and an old school rap icon ties the knot again in this week's Rap-Up.

Mickey Factz Loves His “Culture”

Mickey Factz is living life in the fast lane -- literally -- as the new face of a national Honda Accord campaign. Now the rapper has something else to celebrate: the release of his new “For The Culture” video. Featuring Marsha Ambrosius,” the cut celebrates Factz’ going from reading magazines to being featured in them , a la The Notorious B.I.G. on “Juicy.” Factz has, of course, worked with The Cool Kids, Drake and others and on “For The Culture,” he trumpets the type of lifestyle every aspiring artist wants to achieve. You can toast to that.

Big K.R.I.T. Gets “Country”

Music from Big K.R.I.T’s “Return of 4 Eva” mixtape is available on iTunes today. But that’s not all. The Mississippi rapper just released the video for “Country Sh*t,” which features guest turns from Ludacris and Bun B. K.R.I.T. keeps it country during the video, showing hood barbeques and plenty of big bodied vehicles. During Bun B’s verse, K.R.I.T. rocks a “Listen To U.G.K.” shirt, paying homage to both his region’s -- and Bun B’s -- musical roots. Each rapper delivers plenty of choice punchlines during the verses, highlighting their lyrical acumen. The topic may not be a new one, but these three rap titans breathe fresh life into the discussion.

Ice-T Renews Marriage Vows

Ten years in and Ice-T is still committed. The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star renewed his vows to wife Coco Friday June 3 in Hollywood front of such stars as Snoop Dogg and Tila Tequila.  Of course, there may be an ulterior motive, as Mr. and Mrs. Ice have the new “Ice Loves Coco” reality show set to debut on the E! Entertainment Network June 12.

Ice-T’s vow renewal marks yet another remarkable chapter in the career of the pioneering gangster rapper and rapper-actor. He went from being one of the earliest gangster rappers to fronting the black metal rock band Body Count, whose “Cop Killer” song virtually single-handedly made then-media conglomerate Time Warner distance itself from rap music -- even though “Cop Killer” was a rock song, not a rap song.

From there, Ice-T played an undercover cop in the landmark 1991 film “New Jack City” before glamorizing pimping with The Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan (who attended the renewal) in the 1999 documentary film “Pimps Up Ho’s Down” and landing his gig as a police officer in 2000 on the popular “Law & Order” spinoff. Now he’s renewing his vows. It’s quite an evolution for one of rap’s most lasting figures.

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