The Rap-Up: Young Jeezy & Compton Buck

A legendary rapper inspires an up-and-comer, a DJ recruits his talented friends to show he cares and one of California’s best crews celebrates the release of a new project -- read on for the weekly Rap-Up.

Compton Buck And Young Jeezy

Along with N.W.A and Compton’s Most Wanted, DJ Quik is one of the reasons that Compton, California, is synonymous with gangster rap. After the release of his debut album, “Quik Is The Name,” Quik toured the country to promote the record.

In 1992, the rapper-producer documented his time on the road on the single “Jus Lyke Compton.” Nearly 20 years later, Compton Buck and Young Jeezy are using that classic Quik track as inspiration for their “Just Like CPT.”

While Quik’s version detailed how the Compton lifestyle and gangbang culture had spread throughout the country, Compton Buck and Young Jeezy’s tune features Buck boasting of his street legitimacy and Jeezy providing the chorus. One of the game’s all-time best, DJ Quik keeps inspiring artists to salute his now-famous hometown.

Joell Ortiz, Guilty Simpson “Cares” for DJ JS-1

For more than a decade, DJ JS-1 has been touring with Rahzel, KRS-One and others while releasing his own material. The Queens DJ’s new album, “No One Cares,” arrives in stores June 21 and features 40 guest appearances, including Joell Ortiz, Guilty Simpson and KRS-One.

With a bevy of scratches and top-tier braggadocio lyricism, cuts such as “Boom Slap” with KRS-One and Rahzel and “Reppin’ NY” with Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz and Freddie Foxxx ring with authority and authenticity. The video for “Last To Know,” which features Tonedeff, is rife with symbolism. Pay attention.

“No One Cares” is available on iTunes and is being streamed this week as part of AOL Music’s Listening Party.

Likwit Crew Member Soul King Drops “Street Ministry”

As a long-time member of the Likwit Crew, Soul King (SK) has worked extensively with King T, Tha Alkaholiks and Strong Arm Steady, among others. His new album, “Street Ministry,” is available for free download at and features SK trading lines with such likeminded lyricists as Chace Infinite and Phil The Agony on “Deliverance” and Chocolate Ty and Phil The Agony on “Barberz of the Ville.”

“Street Ministry” contains the type of boom bap, lyric-driven rap typical of classic Likwit Crew material. SK also infuses the collection with thought-provoking religious commentary, resulting in a quality underground collection.

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