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Danny Brown releases a fuzzy video, Atmosphere goes on tour but stays home and Asher Roth flexes his charitable, jazzy ways -- read on for all of the news and info on this edition of The Rap-Up.

Danny Brown Plays A Different Kind Of “Monopoly.”

As The Rap-Up reported back in August, Danny Brown is one of the most promising rappers to emerge in the last few years. He’s got clever wordplay, a demented sense of humor, a non-stop barrage of wicked rhymes and the benefit of rocking over some compelling, unorthodox production. In an attempt to sustain his momentum, the Detroit rapper just released the video for “Monopoly,” a stand-out selection from his “XXX” album. Now for those late to the party, you can cop “XXX” for free here. Anyone that says that rap is dead hasn’t been listening to Danny Brown.

Atmosphere Loves It Some Minnesota.

Atmosphere helped put Minneapolis on the rap map by releasing a steady stream of music since the 1990s and by touring relentlessly throughout the United States and elsewhere. However, now for the second time in as many years, the duo will be keeping it close to home. The flagship act of Rhymesayers Entertainment will headline the “Welcome To Minnesota Tour.” Starting February 20 at the Verizon Wireless Center Ballroom in Mankato, the six-city jaunt concludes February 26 at the Atwood Center Ballroom @ SCSU in St. Cloud. Other acts slated to appear are Kill The Vultures and Big Quarters. Back in the 1970s when hip-hop culture started in the Bronx, it’s doubtful that anyone thought that one day there’d be a rap tour exclusively in Minnesota by a Minneapolis-based rap duo.

Asher Roth Gets Jazzy, Looks For Orange Rhymes.

Asher Roth broke in the game rapping about how much he loved the college lifestyle. Now the freshly minted Loud Records/Def Jam artist is strictly business. He’s got tracks from his “The Pabst & Jazz Sessions” project with Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids coming out every day online until the collection’s official release date on December 20. He’s also set to embark upon a tour to support the “Pabst & Jazz” and will be joined by a live band and DJ Wreckineyez. The tour kicks off December 17 at Lunar in Cincinnati and wraps January 12 at the Jazz Café in London. But it’s not all about the Benjamins for Roth, who will be donating his share of the proceeds from the tour to The Philadelphia Hunger Coalition. All Roth’s work in the next few months is to set up the release of his Loud Records/Def Jam debut album, “Is This Too Orange?” Orange is one of the few words that nothing rhymes with, so Roth has his work cut out for him.


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