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Jay-Z looks for more than a bulletproof wallet, DMX aims to regain his top spot and Lone Catalysts releases new double video -- read on for the Rap-Up list.

Jay-Z Shopping for a Bulletproof Ride?

Jay-Z has long said money ain’t a thing and he’s making that clear when it comes to protecting his child. The business mogul is reportedly shopping for a bullet-proof ride to transport wife Beyoncѐ, their child and him. With Kanye West, Jay-Z famously rapped about his forthcoming fatherhood and the pressure already sprung upon his child on “New Day.”

Given that Jay-Z and Beyoncѐ are among the most famous couples in the world, means that any information regarding their child would be be golden for the celebrity and gossip-driven media that seemingly scours globe for any image or tidbit of information regarding celebrities and their children. The streets are indeed watching.

DMX Out To Prove He’s “Undisputed”

He’s battled addiction and incarceration for well more than a decade. Now, DMX is out of jail and has reportedly been working virtually non-stop in the studio on material for his forthcoming “Undisputed” album. Set for a March 27 release date, the collection is purportedly going to feature collaborations with such R&B heavyweights as Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson, as well as rapid-fire rhymer Busta Rhymes.

Longtime production partner Swizz Beatz is also said to be handling several beats for “Undisputed,” which should give DMX a puncher’s chance to regain some of the musical magic he created in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Lone Catalysts Go “Back To School” In New Video

Rapper-producer J Rawls and partner-in-rhyme J. Sands are among rap’s best underground duos. The pair has been making high quality music as Lone Catalysts for more than a decade. The crew kicked off its 2012 campaign by releasing a double video for “Back To School/Wait N Walk” from their potent “Back To School” album. The former is a horn-driven gem that features J. Sands rhyming about everything from J Rawls’ academic accolades to college life, while “Wait N Walk” details the different ways ladies act during romantic encounters.

The new video follows up the 2011 release of J Rawls’ “The Hip-Hop Affect” album, which featured the potent “Face It” single with Sadat X of Brand Nubian and Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers. For 2012, Lone Catalysts is working on a new album and J. Sands is prepping a solo project, two releases sure to be packed with stellar rap music.

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