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While it drove a hard bargain, last week's super moon couldn’t match up to the luminosity beaming from the opening gala of Red Bull Illume in downtown Charleston’s historic Marion Square. The world’s premiere action and adventure sports photography contest and exhibition will continue to illuminate Charleston’s night sky until March 27 from 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.   

Charleston Fashion Week

The event is helping kick off the city’s celebration of the arts along with Charleston Fashion Week which hits the runway on March 22nd. A total of 50 photos will be on display in impressive light boxes that bring stature and significance to these works of art that capture the exuberant spirit of sport. 

null Red Bull Content Pool

Light the Night

The winners of Red Bull Illume were chosen by a jury of renowned photography experts. By illuminating these breath-taking photographs, we honor the photographers who’ve traveled, faced physical dangers, scaled buildings and navigated waves all to capture magical moments. The Red Bull Illume judging categories include culture, playground, energy, spirit, close-up, wings, sequence, new creativity, experimental and illumination.   

Red Bull Illume Winners 

  • Experimental - Daniel Grund (GER)
  • New Creativity – Eric Berger (CAN)
  • SanDisk Sequence - Miguel Lopez-Virgen (MEX)
  • Energy - Stuart Gibson (AUS), Illumination – Chris Burkhard (USA)
  • Playground – Tim Korbmacher (GER), Culture – Vincent Perraud (FRA)
  • Spirit – Adam Kokot (POL)
  • Wings – Marcel Lämmerhirt (GER)
  • Close up – Nathan Smith (AUS)
  • Athletes’ Choice – Nathan Smith (AUS)

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