Ghostland Observatory performing at Red Bull Soundclash Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool

Nearly 10,000 spring breakers poured through the gates of South Padre Island’s Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park to experience Red Bull Soundclash featuring Texas’ own, Ghostland Observatory on one stage and the iconic Snoop Dogg & the Snoopadelics on the opposing stage, with the energized crowd in the middle.

The night began with a brief moment of silence for the legendary Nate Dogg but, as if in tribute to his legacy, immediately sprung into action with an opening set by DJ Z-Trip who also served as emcee for the night. 

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Intimate Musical Experience

This “musical conversation” between two wildly different acts left the crowd of co-ed beachgoers screaming for more. Both applied their own styles, song interpretations and talent to five rounds of musical challenges. Red Bull Soundclash’s innovative format includes the following:

Round 1: The Warm Up

Each artist performed three songs of their original material to start the show. Snoop Dogg & The Snoopadlics performed “The Next Episode,” “Ridin’ in my Chevy” and “I Wanna F**k You.” Ghostland Observatory then took the spotlight to perform “Piano Man,” “Glitter” and “Sad Sad City.”

Round 2: The Cover

The second round featured both bands covering the same song with their own personal style; the crowd was treated to each band’s unique spin on the David Bowie classic, “Fame.” Snoop Dogg & the Snoopadelics gave a funky, hip hop spin to the rock tune. Ghostland Observatory interpreted the song differently, showcasing their electro-rock sound. 

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Round 3: The Takeover

In this round, each band was tasked with seamlessly finishing the second half of a song started by the opposing band, and thereby making it their own. Snoop started the round with “Drop it Like It’s Hot” followed by Ghostland Observatory’s “Codename Rondo.” Snoop Dogg & The Snoopadelics continued with “Sensual Seduction.” The round ended with Ghostland’s “Just Gimme the Beat.

Round 4: The Clash

The fourth round highlighted the artists’ musical versatility by charging them with performing their songs in three different styles. “Gin n Juice” and “Stranger Lover were performed in reggae style. “Midnight Voyage” and “Lodi Dodi” were performed in funk-style. The round concluded with techno versions of “Wet” and “Dancing on my Grave.

null Garth Milan / Red Bull Content Pool

Round 5: The Wildcard

In the fifth round, the bands invited a special guest to perform with them on stage. Ghostland Observatory invited an Apache Tribe to dance with them during “Kick Clap Speaker.” Snoop Dogg & the Snoopadelics performed “What’s My Name” with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Bootsy Collins.

The night ended with the two groups joining together on one stage to perform the grand finale, a collaborative rendition of Snoop Dogg’s “I Want to Rock.

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