Sunset at Red Bull Butter Cup Big Boulder

Every snowboarding location is packed with regional solidarity. From Minnesota to Maine, crews are armed with gopros and smiles as they ride their home resort and celebrate what makes their scene unique. However, the locals of Big Boulder, Pennsylvania manage to stand out. There is something about this mountain, set in the Poconos off I-80, a short drive from both Philadelphia and NYC, that breeds a unique solidarity.

While support amongst peers is nothing new, it was something downright special during Red Bull Butter Cup at Big Boulder. Seeing the older competitors cheering and supporting the groms—not in small doses, but in huge yells, whoops, and high fives. It’s this environment that allows young shreds like Miles Fallon, who won the Grom Award, to not only excel on their snowboard, but also to feel comfortable enough to “Dougie” in front of everyone during awards. The tight-knit vibe of this place is uncanny. 


The park crew may be credited with cultivating this sense of Boulder spirit. Ian Oliver with his scrappy and dedicated team weren’t deterred by two days of 60+ degree temps leading up to the event that were bearing down on the creative build they had planned.

Under the February sun, they turned out a next-level Red Bull Butter Cup course, the first like it on the East Coast. Two different snow platforms of snow combined the butter pads, a banked turn, a stair set, and multiple transitions and wall rides. The options for buttering were almost endless.

As the sun set and competitors prepared to throw down, the snow hardened up, giving way to ideal speeds for fun shredding. The Ams dropped first, while DJ Hersh bumped tunes from the Red Bull MXT and dance parties erupted.  

In the Am Division Kurt Barthel was on the mark all night long, matching butters against Fabrice Toussaint, James Dyar, and Matt McFadden among others. Christian Solberg and Brandon Herman impressed the judges and took second and third places, respectively.   


By the time the Pro Division began, the wind was picking up and it was getting much colder—all the more reason for the pros to bring “the heat”. The Brothers Luza, Dom and Kyle, were at home on the butter pads. Mark Martinez was throwing his signature presses and bonks out, and Billy Keil was riding every aspect of the course, eventually buttering, gapping, and spinning his way into first place in the Pro Division.   

A big thanks to Ian Oliver, Guido Martelli, the Big Boulder Park Crew, Junior from Forum, Mata from Oakley, Nike 6.0, Neff, and all of the snowboarders that came out to compete and have fun buttering.

Red Bull Butter Cup Big Boulder Results 

Am Division

  • First: Kurt Barthel
  • Second:  Christian Solberg
  • Third: Brandon Herman

Pro Division

  • First:  Billy Keil
  • Second: Kyle Luza
  • Third:  Mark Martinez

Women’s Division

  • Winner: Jen Oleskowicz

Grom Award

  • Winner: Miles Fallon
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