Red Bull Open Ice 2011: Madison Andi Dickson

Mother Nature made multiple attempts to throw a wrench in Red Bull Open Ice, Madison. Last week 18 inches of heavy snow fell on Lake Mendota, followed by substantial fluctuating temperatures. The result was inconsistent ice that made one of two rinks unsuitable for hockey.

About Madison, WI

  • Capitol of Wisconsin
  • Estimated population of 235,600
  • Home to the University of Wisconsin–Madison

In order for the action to go on, the first round of play was a shootout style competition. Each player was given 5 shots from center ice. The team with the most goals after each round advanced. 4 teams qualified for the semi-final round. 

null Andi Dickson

The semi-final rounds brought back the fast paced game play the crowd was waiting to see. The local teams navigated the natural cracks and bumps in the ice well. Two of the four corners had ankle deep water so strategic passes and play angles were critical.

The finals brought together two teams of players from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. With a final score of 12 – 2, and it was “Madtown Mob” who skated off victoriously.

“It was awesome to win and our entire team had a great experience”, said Brett Baur of Madtown Mob. “Sometimes you can’t do much about the conditions of natural ice. Pond hockey is pond hockey, you’re going to get the bumps, cracks and water”.

null Andi Dickson

The event brought over 700 spectators throughout the day and the official after party warmed up the evening at the popular hockey bar, Kollege Klub.

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