Red Bull Open Ice Detroit Andi Dickson / Red Bull Photofiles
Just outside of Detroit lies Fenton, Michigan where the people know their hockey. On January 29th Fenton played host to Red Bull Open Ice at Tee Bone’s Tavern on Lake Ponemah.

Fenton, Michigan Quick Facts

  • Located in Genesee County
  • A hockey rabid town
  • Located an hour NW of Detroit
32 teams battled it out for one chance to make it to the International Red Bull Open Ice World Championship in Bloomington, Minnesota on February 29th. Over 200 athletes and 450 spectators made it to the pond with some arriving on snowmobiles and ATV’s from a far.
null Andi Dickson / Red Bull Photofiles
The competition was intense as the teams worked their way through the bracket and into the championship.  Former pro and collegiate athletes took on local heroes while the spectators took it all in enjoying the fierce competition.

The final championship game was a nail biter as Gong Show Hockey battled against defending champs Winterfresh.
For Gong Show Hockey, it was a valiant effort, but in the end Winterfresh prevailed victorious securing a coveted spot in the Red Bull Open Ice World Championships.
null Andi Dickson / Red Bull Photofiles
Red Bull Open Ice is all about teaching a new generation of hockey players how the game was meant to be played.
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