El Nino at BC One Chicago 2011 Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

The nation’s best b-boys came together this past weekend at Chicago’s historic Aragon Ballroom for the Red Bull BC One US Qualifier, which will send one winner to represent the US in the World Finals in Moscow.

Boston’s aptly named El Niño took top honors. He unanimously won both the first round against Kid Glyde and the quarterfinals against ATN -- with each round more explosive than the last. His match-up with Toys aRe Us in the semifinals further captivated the crowd as the judges weighed in with 3.5 votes for El Niño and 1.5 for Toyz aRe Us. Eventually, El Niño’s endurance helped propel him to another unanimous victory in the final round against Vicious Victor from Orlando, Florida.

El Niño vs Vicious Victor

“Honestly, winning the Red Bull BC One US qualifier means the world to me. I’ve been breaking for over 16 years and I feel like it's starting to pay me back,” El Niño explained, “I feel awesome, I feel ecstatic. I really can’t believe it right now. It took all of my energy, all of my drive. It took every little piece of me to win this.”
He ended by sharing his personal motivation, “Love the life you live and live the life you love. That's what motivates me.”

The Judges and The Talent

A panel of five judges, including 2007 BC One Champion b-boy Ronnie, Chicago b-boy legend Wicked, and b-boys Moy, Lego and Roxrite weighed-in at every round to determine which dancer dominated in technique, attitude, creativity and style.

The 16 elite b-boys who shared the stage with El Niño included: ATN (Las Vegas), Evol (Chicago), Frankie (NYC), Gravity (NYC), Kareem (LA), Keebz (Orlando), Kid Glyde (NYC), Mijo (Milwaukee), MN Joe (Minneapolis), Morris (Sacramento), Nasty Ray (San Jose), Palmer (Houston), Puzzles (Toronto), Toyz aRe Us (D.C.), and Vicious Victor (Orlando).

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