Red Bull BC One - Lilou - Photo

If you think the art of breaking is some nostalgic thing that only exists in old hip-hop videos or hidden inside a circle of tourists on random Manhattan street corners, think again. Since 2004 the Red Bull BC One competition has been pitting the sickest b-boys from all over the globe against each other in one-on-one battles for the world champion belt.

Last year Roxrite, from San Diego, took the belt home after a tight battle with Brazil’s Lil G. This year’s competition has moved out of the preliminary Cypher stage is now in the Qualifier stage -- and it’s about to get real.

Bummed you can’t make the North American Qualifier at the Aragon Entertainment Center in Chicago on July 21? Don’t be. You can check out the superhuman flips, freezes and spins this Saturday via livestream, beginning at 7:30 CDT.


Sixteen hardcore breakers will take the stage to see who advances to the World Finals in Rio de Janiero at the end of the year. So no excuses -- put your warped copy of "Breakin’" on pause and tune in this Saturday.

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