Crashed Ice Kinect

Red Bull Crashed Ice, the insane sport that involves bombarding downhill with three other skaters at 40 mph, takes nerves of steel. Now, with 'Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect' for the Xbox 360, it takes a little less courage.

The first-ever console video game from Red Bull Media House -- landmark alert -- and developed with Bongfish, 'Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect' drops today on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points -- that's less than $10.

Gamers can fight it out with friends to reach the top of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship leaderboard, while competing on a variety of tracks based on authentic Red Bull Crashed Ice locations, such as Quebec; Munich; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Valkenburg in the Netherlands; and Are, Sweden.

In either single player, two-person split-screen mode or against other competitors worldwide, gamers will get the chance to race on specially created ice tracks as they attempt to pull off insane tricks, while tussling for position and avoiding obstacles.

See you at the finish line -- we hope.


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