Team Tech Shop builds their project during Red Bull Creation Cameron Baird/Red Bull Media House

A spin and shoot game based on orbital and rotational motion. A robotic submarine simulator. Giant wooden marble mazes. Something called "Battlegolf." These are just some of the games built by the 12 teams of hackers and geeks in the Red Bull Creation competition.

The teams were given the theme "game of games" last Friday and then had a mere 72 hours to build their creation based on that theme. They worked out of their shops, from every corner of the United States, and were connected to each other and spectators via livestream.

You can see all 12 creations and meet the teams on the Red Bull Creation home page. There, you will also find a vote button to let you decide which team and project wins the $10,000 grand prize. The winner also gets to show off their creation at Maker Faire New York in September.

“There’s a very loose rule set, and it’s just because we don’t want to constrain people’s creativity at all. It’s really just the topic,” Jason Naumoff, producer and competition director for Red Bull Creation, told Wired News. “None of this is incredibly serious. It’s just kind of having fun and making stuff and getting a little weird.”

So which game will win? Could it be Morphield, by MB Labs in Chicago, a tabletop soccer game that moves the actual field rather than players? Or could it be Whirly Puke, a three-person spinning marble game? Or one of the inventive others. That's a tough call.

Voting ends Sunday.

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