Team Back to the Future wins Red Bull Flugtag in Vienna Erwin Polanc/Red Bull Media House

There may have been bigger events (200,000 fans lining the banks of the Thames in London), there may have been more impressive flights (the current distance record of 229 feet was set in Mainz, Germany), but nowhere on Earth is Red Bull Flugtag more at home than in Vienna, where it all started 20 years ago.

While the haircuts (mullet) and clothing trends (ripped denim shorts) have changed somewhat since the first edition of the event in 1992, the passion, creativity and sheer bonkers bravery of the participants in the Austrian capital are still exactly the same as they were way back in the day.

This year the Viennese weather gods were once again smiling on the event as bright sunshine made the inevitable dip in the less-than-tropical waters of the Danube slightly less of a daunting prospect.



From flying fruit bowls to Viking ships, the start ramp witnessed a procession of mind-boggling creations whose natural habitat seemed to be anything but the air. In the end, victory went to Team Back to the Future from Lower Austria in their winged and wheeled DeLorean.

“It has been a long and hard road getting here, but today is a dream come true. It’s just amazing,” said Austria’s very own Marty McFly, Peter Pichler of Team DeLorean.

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