Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Red Bull King of the Rock Champion Headphones From Skullcandy

Red Bull King of the Rock Skullcandy Champion headphones Courtesy of Skullcandy

The Skullcandy Champion Mix Masters could be the one of the most limited edition headphones on the planet. Only one man gets to wear them -- the winner of the Red Bull King of the Rock Finals.

Skullcandy has fashioned several custom Champion headphones already, including special edition Mix Masters for the world champion of Red Bull Manny Mania (Joey Brezinski) and the winning eight-player team of Red Bull Midnight Run

nullCourtesy of Skullcandy

Going down this Saturday, Red Bull King of the Rock pits 64 of the world's top 1-on-1 basketball players against each other on the stark backdrop of Alcatraz Island, one of the highest security federal prisons in U.S. history.

Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics will host the finals and all 64 of the finalists will get custom 50/50 buds and Aviators. But only one man will walk away with the Champion Mix Masters -- the man that calls himself King of the Rock.

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