Chris Bradshaw with a blunt on the Red Bull Plaza jersey barrier Lee Stockwell/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Big Bear Mountain Resorts has unveiled its latest and most progressive snow park feature, the Red Bull Plaza, to guests on December 9th at Bear Mountain. Influenced by street-style skateboarding and snowboarding, the unique features in the Red Bull Plaza are modeled after structures found in common city-settings such as shopping malls, schools or town centers, complete with street lamps, chain-link fences and hardscaping.

“In urban areas of the United States that receive snowfall, snowboarders and skiers are riding rails, stair sets and ledges and nailing tricks on features around their neighborhoods,” says Bear Mountain’s Director of Marketing, Rio Tanbara. “Partnering with Red Bull, we sought together to bring this authentic experience to Southern California, providing guests with a creative urban environment to jib and just hang out in.”


Clayton Shoemaker, Director of Youth Marketing and Park Development for Big Bear Mountain Resorts and the creative mind behind the Red Bull Plaza, breaks down the new addition: “It’s all about the entire experience. When you arrive at the Red Bull Plaza you will immediately realize that you have never snowboarded or skied through a run like this anywhere.

“It’s not one feature but a whole run with multiple features that flow together and give riders opportunities to create lines that they’ve never seen in a resort’s terrain park before.”

Secluded off Chair 9 in the “Street Scene,” the Red Bull Plaza features a 30’ marble ledge, two 20’ concrete rails, three ledges, two banks, a kink building wall, building wall with a ledge attachment, four stair sets, two down rails, bleacher box, planter ledge box and a down-flat-down ledge wall, some of which were included at Hot Dawgz and Handrails 2011.

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