Red Bull Racing will unveil the RB9 at its factory Red Bull Media House

Fortune may favor the brave, but it also rewards the diligent. And soon after Red Bull Racing won the 2012 drivers' and constructors' championships, the team was back at work on the 2013 car -- the RB9 -- which will be unveiled February 3.

Red Bull Racing announced the launch date in a tweet: "The RB9 will be unveiled on Sunday 3 February in Milton Keynes ahead of the first test in Jerez. More details to follow."

Both drivers -- Sebastian Vettel, the three-time champion, and Mark Webber, who won in Monaco and Britain last year -- will return for their fifth season together.

The RB9 will be designed by chief technical officer/F1 design guru Adrian Newey, who told Autosport that the 2012 championship fight, which went to the wire, slowed the pace of the RB9's development.


"If I'm honest, this has compromised the timescales of the new car more than we would have liked," Newey said. "It was the right trade at the time, because we managed to get the job done but it means a busy winter trying to catch up again."

Fortunately, the regulations for 2013 are relatively stable, said team boss Christian Horner on Australian television. Therefore, the RB9 will be more of "an evolution."

“We've managed to achieve some wonderful things over the last three years, and we'll be determined to retain the trophies we've worked hard to achieve,” Horner said.

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