Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull Racing factory 2012 Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Red Bull Racing returned to the team factory in Milton Keynes, England, after Sebastian Vettel took his third consecutive drivers' championship at the Brazilian Grand Prix. The win completed the team's third straight double championship.

"It's great to be able to come back here and thank everyone for everything they have done and achieved as a group together," said Vettel. "It's still not been many hours since we were in Brazil -- it was only on Sunday -- but many of the team are back working, still pushing hard and it's incredible to see."

During the W111ngs Celebration, high fives were exchanged, autographs were signed, and hot dogs and champagne were served. Vettel, Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner and chief technical officer Adrian Newey addressed the factory.


Webber talked about his victories in Monaco and Silverstone and was very open on his relationship with Vettel. "We’ve been up and down, probably like any relationship or marriage," he said. "Sometimes it's great and sometimes you need to work at it a bit more. We obviously have good respect for each other. I think ultimately [with] what’s at stake, it's not possible for us to be super close but in general it's good."

Horner spent some time reflecting on the season, suggesting 2012 was Vettel's best season in his still very young career.

"His mental strength has always been impressive but this year he has again stepped it up another level," Horner said. "He's never allowed himself to get distracted no matter whether people have been trying to get under his skin or not, he has never allowed his focus to wane. It almost seemed that the more pressure he was under, the better he delivered..."


The team will travel now to Graz, in southern Austria, for a show run by Vettel in Red Bull's home country.

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