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All the wit, wisdom, insider knowledge and sarcasm for which the Red Bull Racing Spy is famed are now available, along with a host of other features, from the iTunes store -- just in time for the Monaco Grand Prix.

If you want breaking news from the paddock and the track, or snapshots of the Red Bull Energy Center's VIP swimming pool, then you need to download the app. It's essential for those who want more information than the average spectator, as well as for Formula One fans who crave a bit of grand prix insider knowledge and behind-the-scenes access.

And should the Spy miss something, you can quiz him. Ask him anything F1-related or lay down a challenge and see the responses in the feed.


The Red Bull Racing Spy will also bring you the information you’d expect from any self-respecting F1 app including track positioning, race facts and figures, drivers’ and constructors’ championship standings and a full Formula One race calendar.

The full list of features? Why certainly...

  • Real time commentary from the Red Bull Racing Spy
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos
  • A direct link to the Spy to ask him questions and set challenges
  • Race-specific facts and figures
  • A full race calendar that syncs with your phone
  • Access to the Red Bull Racing grand-prix diary
  • Drivers' and constructors' championship standings
  • Full race results for each grand prix of the season

To download the free app, head to the iTunes store and make sure you get the inside line for the rest of the season. (Fear not Android fans, a version of your very own will be released shortly -- we'll keep you posted!)

Follow Red Bull Racing Spy and Red Bull on Twitter for the latest F1 news and updates (and occasional gossip).



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