Cedric Gracia at Red Bull Rampage 2008 Ian Hylands/Red Bull Photofiles

The stage is set for Red Bull Rampage to return once again to to unleash the best freeride mountain bike riders on the brutal landscape near Virgin, Utah. Riders have stepped it up each time the exclusive, one-of-a-kind event took place, and it's undoubtedly going to be another huge step forward in 2010.

Oakley's top secret "Icon Sender" obstacle is poised to push the progression of freeriding even further at Red Bull Rampage. Oakley's mad scientists - designer George Yoo, rider Cedric Gracia (pictured above at Red Bull Rampage 2008) and Sports Marketing Manager Steve Blick - worked in secret with Todd Barber, Rampage's Event Director, on a project that's sure to rock the mountain bike world. Built by Robbie "Bordo" Bourdon, the "Icon Sender" is certain to blow minds. Want to know what it looks like? The wait is almost over...


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