Gee Atherton at Red Bull Rampage 2008 Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

As the craziest freeride event in mountain biking, Red Bull Rampage has a tendency to intimidate even the most fearless and experienced riders. Many previous competitors are returning in 2010 to take another crack at the now-legendary landscape of Southwestern Utah, remembering the days of digging their lines followed by andrenaline-fueled runs through the ridges.

There's another group of competitors who don't know exactly what to expect, however: the rookies. Taking on Red Bull Rampage for the first time is no simple task; we asked the crew of 2010 rookies how they're feeling as they head into the desert to make history...

The Question: What does Red Bull Rampage mean to you and what do you expect from your first experience riding in the event?

"To me, Red Bull Rampage is the first real freeride event that our sport had, and it’s responsible for most of the progression that has happened today. Even now, almost 10 years after the first Red Bull Rampage, it continues to be the proving grounds for freeriding. I'm definitely stoked and super nervous going into it! I just want to have a good time and ride as hard and as best I can." –Wil White

"I have a lot of mixed feelings jumping into Red Bull Rampage this year as a first-time competitor - I'm scared, excited, and anxious all in one. Red Bull Rampage seems like the Mavericks of freeride mountain biking - big and gnarly with high consequences. I definitely think that it will exceed most people’s expectations!" –Tyler McCaul 

null Ian Hylands/Red Bull Photofiles

"Red Bull Rampage means a lot to me because it has so much history behind it. In the early years, it produced some jaw-dropping footage that sparked my interest to ride at the top level. All of my early mountain biking heroes have competed in Red Bull Rampage, and I just want to try to live up to the legendary status that this event holds. Maybe even inspire some other kid to do the same as me in the future." –Greg Watts

"It means a lot to me to be invited because I grew up watching Red Bull Rampage and always dreamed of riding in it. Red Bull Rampage is more than just a competition, it’s a test. All riding abilities are required and you can get seriously hurt here, no joke. It’s going to test me for sure; the main thing I'm going to do there is have fun and be safe and enjoy my first time at the event." –Casey Groves

"Red Bull Rampage seems like the only real mountain bike comp right now. It’s going to be my first time riding in Utah and I can’t wait to put on a show!" –Andreu Lacondeguy

"I'm very excited to participate at Red Bull Rampage; I don't really know what to expect but I know it will be a good experience for me. I hope the event will be cool and crazy." –Antoine Dubourgnon

"To me, Red Bull Rampage is a true test of your ability, on and off the bike. I expect to be a little nervous, but very excited to ride some of the gnarliest lines and learn from some of the best in the industry." –Curtis Robinson

"Red Bull Rampage for me is the biggest freeride mountain bike event in the world! It’s really different than all the other freeride events; it’s in a perfect location in the middle of nowhere with all the best mountain bikers. It’s kind of scary to me, but it’s also really interesting to go there and be in a different position than I'm used to. I love this idea to put all different kinds of riders in a totally different spot to see how it goes. I'm sure everyone will send it after a couple of crashes! It’s going to be a really, really good time!" –Yannick Granieri 

null Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

"Riding at Red Bull Rampage has been one of my ultimate goals in biking. It's a little bit crazy that I'm 32 years old and riding in my first Rampage, but I'm super stoked on the opportunity to ride in mountain biking's premier event. My expectations are to be overwhelmed at first but then to enjoy the week and competing. Riding big lines is my favorite type of riding so I'm stoked to send it with the best!" –Ryan Berrecloth

"When I think Red Bull Rampage I think of an experience more than a competition. The riders work together to make an epic zone and ride it to the fullest they can individually. The fact that you’ve made it to the bottom safely is the biggest win for yourself and your compadres – the fact that you just rode the gnarliest line of your life is just a bonus! I can't wait for the mayhem." –Jamie Goldman

"What Red Bull Rampage means to me is that I have an opportunity to leave a footprint in the sport. Rampage is the OG freeride event and to able to add my name to the list of greats of events past would be mind blowing! Since this will be my first experience at Rampage I truly can't wait to ride huge stuff! I am humbled at the opportunity to ride with everyone." –Mike Montgomery

"Red Bull Rampage to me is real freeride mountain biking and the proper place for big mountain riders to showcase their true abilities. Being a first timer, I’m excited and nervous for this experience! I am stoked to be out on the hills working with all my friends and fellow riders. Building lines, guinea-pigging lines and being a part of the event is going to be incredible!" –Kyle Norbraten



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