The music festival that truly defines the punk-rock genre is Chicago’s Red Bull Riot Fest, an event set in the fall that once featured acts like Dead Kennedys, The Misfits and Screeching Weasel. This year the headlining artists include Weezer, Social Distortion and The Descendents, a strong lineup that will sure to rock Chicago come October 5.

The three headliner bands fulfilled multiple dreams for the people behind Riot Fest as all three were on the Wouldn’t It Be Awesome To Book Them list for several years. Another 30-plus bands are expected to be added to the lineup soon.

Descendents: "I'm the One" - Epitaph Records

But the big news for Riot Fest in 2011 is its expansion to Philadelphia to serve the eastern seaboard punk-rock crowd. The Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing opens its doors to Riot Fest Philadelphia on September 24, giving fans a chance to see performances by headlining acts like Naked Raygun, Hot Water Music, Plow United, The Dead Milkmen and the Descendents.

This is the first time Riot Fest has ventured into the east coast, and they’re definitely going hard with this impressive lineup.

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