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Originally planned for a night under the stars, Red Bull Soundclash --featuring Ludacris and Neon Trees -- sought shelter from Tropical Storm Lee inside the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta this past weekend.

More than 1,800 Atlantans and avid music fans endured Lee’s tornado warnings and torrential downpour to watch Ludacris take on Neon Trees in a cutting-edge musical conversation.

“I hope the crowd leaves here tonight feeling like this is the best concert they’ve ever been to,” Ludacris told the crowd. “You’re getting both artists at the same time and it shows how many fans just appreciate music -- period.

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The Battle

In four challenging rounds, the artists were challenged in proving their creativity and live performance skills. DJ Mick Boogie pumped up the crowd on the 1s and 2s, as he led the musical artists and crowd through the following set of rounds:

The Cover:
Each band took on their own version of Michael Jackson’s “PYT”

The Takeover:
A collaborative round where one band started playing one of their own tunes then the other group took over mid-song to finish it out with their own flair

The Clash:
Challenged the bands versatility as they adapted their songs to the music genres of DJ Mick Boogie’s choice -- reggae, acoustic, and metal

The Wild Card:
The final round was all about surprises as each band brought a special secret guest to the stage to perform with them. Neon Trees took the round by having dozens of “Animal” masked fans join them on stage with local hip-hop duo Big HEED and ALIen. Ludacris took things to a whole new level by having pole dancers answering the questions “How Low Can You Go” by showing the crowd they know how to do just that.

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