Red Bull Soundclash Boston: Wale Justin Kosman/Red Bull Photofiles

It might have been game night in Boston but the cheers coming from Fenway Park were nothing compared to what was going on inside The House of Blues right next door. Red Bull Soundclash was getting underway and the crowd of 600 was packed to the brim. Hip-hop star Wale and indie rockers Tokyo Police Club faced off in what turned out to be the most exciting match-up in town.

In the innovative and unique format that is Red Bull Soundclash, both bands were feeling each other’s groove as the audience’s attention moved from side to side. The swivel of heads, normally reserved for a tennis match, was for pure entertainment as the groups battled each other for the spotlight. 

null Justin Kosman/Red Bull Photofiles

Besides rockin’ their own tunes, each band had the opportunity to play versions of the other’s hits and manipulate some of their own songs to fit in the genres of country, punk rock and reggae.

Crowd participation was an understatement as members of the audience joined both bands on-stage for their reggae mixes of Wale’s “Pretty Girls” and Tokyo Police Club’s “Breakneck Speed”.

Wale might have been declared the winner but both bands came out on top as the experience was both fun and creatively different. To close the night, Wale even invited Tokyo Police Club on their stage to jam it out.

When asked about their experience with Red Bull Soundclash, Wale stated that “it breaks up the monotony and brings the fun.” Looking ahead to the next stop on their Red Bull Soundclash tour in Washington, D.C., Wale says “there will be lots of surprises” for his hometown.

Get excited for Red Bull Soundclash D.C. when both of these bands will throw down again on Pennsylvania Avenue on October 30th.


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