Red Bull Soundstage- Win a chance to play the Late Show

You may have heard us talk a little about Red Bull Soundstage lately. It’s a multi-platform effort to find and promote new musical talent through social media and good ol' fashion touring. Right now, there are 23 hopeful artists in the running for a chance to play the "Late Show with David Letterman" in September.

Wait, what? It's one thing to make cool videos and send cool Fender gear to bands -- which Red Bull Soundstage also does -- but it's another thing entirely to zap a performer into millions of living rooms around the country.

A few months ago, Red Bull Soundstage teamed up with Robert Burnett, the executive producer of "Late Show" and writer-director-producer of the movie "We Made This Movie" to help score some scenes with Red Bull Soundstage artists. Each of the 23 finalists are now eligible to perform on "The Late Show."

“I was seeing all the sick opportunities (Soundstage was) giving bands and I also noticed that the bands involved were really good,” said Aaron Crawford of Aaron Crawford and the Bad Cards, one of the bands in the running for the Letterman gig. “There was a definite love for the indie musician across all genres. So I put my band out there, and got selected.” Crawford was bold enough to declare that if his band gets picked, he’ll get David Letterman’s face inked on his skin. That’s serious commitment.

Soulful singer-songwriter Eastborough, another musician competing in the Letterman contest, is constantly dreaming up new and unique ways to engage her audience. She went so far as to cover a Justin Bieber tune (above) and she actually made it sound pretty cool. “Soundstage has certainly had an impact on my goals as they really do nurture and support their artists,” she says. “A band doesn't feel so lost in the crowd.”

Most of the artists are unsigned, and besides the exposure and industry help, they can also score weekly giveaways from Red Bull Soundstage partners, such as Guitar Center and Fender.

The four guys that make up the Canadian pop-rock band Of Gentlemen and Cowards are university students, playing gigs around campus and for free at coffee shops, dreaming of “an opportunity to invest 100 percent of ourselves into what we would love to do for the rest of our lives,” explains singer Simon Edwards.

So what will the bands do if your votes catapult them onto the Letterman stage? Besides getting a Letterman tattoo, Crawford says that “there will be some heavy drinking and debauchery going down, probably some streaking throughout D.C. (where he lives).” The guys from Of Gentlemen and Cowards hope to give props to their school, Hamilton, for supporting them. Eastborough, like Crawford, says that “the beer will be flowing.”

Check out their music, show your support; you have until Tuesday, August 7, to vote and help give one talented band a huge career boost and an experience they won’t forget. Unless they pound one too many beers. It is Letterman after all -- who can blame them.

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