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Worn out from a late-night “studying” session? Need to re-vitalize during a marathon day of classes? Lucky for you, Red Bull Stash is currently in full swing, so put your thinking caps on and get ready to earn your wings.

At more than 600 campuses across the U.S., Red Bull 4-packs have been “stashed” in various locations, just waiting for you to discover them with the help of various clues. Simply head to the official Red Bull Stash web site, enter your location and you’ll be on your way to 4-pack-fueled fun.

Launched September 9 to help make the back-to-school season a little easier, Red Bull Stash has placed a total of 27,000 4-packs -- that’s 108,000 cans of Red Bull for you non-math majors -- in and around college campuses from coast to coast. Each stash includes a unique “stash code” which, when entered into the Red Bull Stash site, qualified the finder for an early shot at the glorious Final Stash.

What’s the Final Stash, you ask? How about an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and skydive with the Red Bull Air Force? Not too shabby, eh?

Sleuthing Skills Pay Off

Winning the Final Stash would be no easy task, however. A very challenging series of riddles sent stash-seekers throughout the Internet in a daunting online journey -- in fact, the eventual winner of the Final Stash spent nearly 16 straight hours decoding and deciphering to stake his claim.

“It was very tough,” says winner Robert Yarbrough from N.C. State. “My girlfriend put up with me locking myself away in my room on a Friday night. I enjoyed not only the tough Internet final clue, but also the driving out late at night to find some stashes after work. It’s been a wonderful experience and I can say that I’ve been given wings!”

So yes, the Final Stash has been solved, but don’t despair -- Red Bull Stash is still active until October 14, and as of this writing, only 43% of the stashes have been claimed (again, for the mathematically challenged, that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 61,560 cans of Red Bull still longing to be discovered).

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Red Bull Stash site now, enter your location and get your clues. Happy hunting!

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