Felix Baumgartner examines his Red Bull Stratos capsule Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Media House

Red Bull Stratos, Felix Baumgartner's mission to break the sound barrier in free fall from 120,000 feet, will have to wait one more day. The mission has been pushed from Monday to Tuesday due to a strong cold front.

A big drop in temperature and some drizzle are forecast for the weekend at the Red Bull Stratos launch site in Roswell, New Mexico. While conditions are expected to improve Monday, wind speeds are likely to be above the safety zone.

"The good news is that we usually have a day or two after this type of cold front moves through where the weather can be favorable for a balloon launch," Don Day, Red Bull Stratos' meteorologist, says.

The delay does not influence the preparations on site. In the dress rehearsal in the night from Friday to Saturday, Baumgartner and the team will go through the seven-hour pre-launch procedure exactly as it will occur Tuesday morning.

Remember, you can watch history as it happens. Here's a quick video on how to watch the live webcast of Baumgartner's daring jump.


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