Red Bull Stratos Latest Testing Revealed

Red Bull Stratos took over the Internet on Tuesday as Felix Baumgartner's mission to free fall from 120,000 feet above the Earth captured the imagination of the world.

[UPDATE: Felix Baumgartner jumped from more than 120,000 feet above Roswell, N.M. The 43-year-old broke the previous free-fall record of 102,800 feet.]

The live webcast was beamed to households, offices and schools from New Mexico to Australia. With the mission scheduled to resume on Sunday, weather permitting, you have a chance to learn more about Felix and the Red Bull Stratos mission. Here are the top 10 stories and videos on

10. Baumgartner to Free Fall From the Edge of Space

This was the announcement in which Felix Baumgartner declared his team ready to go forward with the jump in 2012. The story describes the challenges, the records and the unknowns. Bull Media House

9. Red Bull Stratos: The Mission

Find out exactly what Felix is facing in this video, and meet Joe Kittinger, the man who set the record for the highest free fall back in 1960. And learn what it will take to break Kittinger's record.

8. Learn More About Felix Baumgartner the Red Bull Stratos Pilot

Find out what makes Fearless Felix, the holder of several BASE jumping records, tick in this video. "Felix is one of those guys you get him in that environment and it's like a fish in water -- he loves to be airborne," said Red Bull Stratos Project Director Art Thompson.

7. Watch the Second Manned Test Jump from 96,640 Feet

Felix Baumgartner successfully lands the second test jump from 96,640 feet in July over Roswell, New Mexico, bringing him and his team one big step closer to setting a new world record.

null Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Media House

6. How to Watch the Red Bull Stratos Mission Live

Here's all you need to know about viewing the historic event, so you can say you saw the first human being break the sound barrier in nothing but a space suit.

5. Red Bull Stratos Mission Delayed Due to Wind

Weather conditions must be perfect for Red Bull Stratos mission control to approve of life-off. Over the past week or so, wind has become the biggest enemy.

4. Final 24-Hour Countdown to Felix's Launch

Find out exactly what Felix will go through on the day before lift-off. See when he will rest, when he will train and when he will climb into his pressurized space suit and capsule.

null Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Media House

3. What a Supersonic Free Fall From Space Looks Like

This cinematic animated illustrates what Felix will go through on his way up to 120,000 feet -- and on his way down to Earth. We guarantee you'll get goosebumps at around the two-minute mark.

2. Baumgartner completes test jump from 72,580 feet

The Red Bull Stratos project took a huge step forward on March 15, 2012, as the team conducted the first manned test flight. Felix ascended in the capsule before jumping from an altitude of approximately 71,580 feet.

1. Baumgartner Jumps From 96,640 Feet in Second Manned Test

Read the story behind Felix's second test jump from nearly 100,000 feet. Unfortunately, the capsule was damaged upon impact with the Earth -- which led to a several-week delay. Bull Media House

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