DJ Fisher Pryce laying it down at Red Bull Thre3style Dallas Red Bull Content Pool

The legendary Granada Theater got lit up on Saturday night as it played host to eight of Dallas’ premier DJs rocking the party in a unique DJ battle format known as Red Bull Thre3Style.

More than 1,400 fans poured through the doors and onto the dance floor to enjoy this one-of-a-kind battle. One by one, each DJ took to the tables to find out who could really tear the house down.

Red Bull Thre3style Dallas: The Competitors

  • DJ Rev
  • DJ Danny V
  • DJ D-ROZ
  • DJ Fishr Pryce
  • DJ NVS
  • DJ Danny West
  • DJ Joe Vega
  • DJ Trek

In the end, DJ Fishr Pryce proved he could really rock the party and took home the title. Rounding out the top three were DJ NVS and DJ Joe Vega. The judges and the crowd were in agreement, as the top three were also voted crowd favorites.

"This is the best live set I have been part of in a long time.” -DJ Kwasar

On the slim chance all that wasn’t enough, DJ Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys ended the night by playing a two-hour set that left the crowd screaming for more.

“Super excited to take the title this year,” said Fishr Pryce. “The feeling is incredible as the energy in the Granada was so big.”

DJ Diversity

The competing DJs put together impressive sets featuring tunes ranging from The Rolling Stones to Jay Z. Each DJ produced a 15-minute set that had to include at least three different musical genres.

Six judges, including DJ A1 from the Cannabanoids, DJ Delano, DJ Enferno, DJ Kwasar of Chocolate Groove and Ben (owner of The Rec Shop), and DJ Sober had the near-impossible task of selecting the winners.

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“This is the best live set I have been part of in a long time.” said DJ Kwasar. “Red Bull Thre3Style is becoming a cult classic gathering in Dallas.”

More than 20 Red Bull Thre3style qualifiers will take place in the U.S. this year. The winner of each qualifier gains the opportunity to compete in a regional final, and the top two DJs from each regional battle win the chance to fly to Las Vegas in November for the National Red Bull Thre3style Championship.

The national champ will then travel to Vancouver, Canada to compete in the global finals against the world’s best party-rock DJs in hopes of being crowned the international Red Bull Thre3style champ.

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