Red Bull Thre3style DJ- Trayze

Red Bull Thre3Style Washington D.C. winner Trayze drops some knowledge on how to keep a party grooving, what his guilty pleasure is right now and what's the riskiest mashup he's ever pulled off.

Name: Trayze
Twitter: @djtrayze
Years DJing: 15
Location: Washington, D.C.

First album/song you ever bought?

First Cassette was 'Gin and Juice,' Snoop Doggy Dogg. First CD was Michael Jackson, 'Dangerous'

Vinyl vs. Digital?


Best song to get the crowd moving?

Come on, that's way too hard to ask a DJ. There are so many!

What's the 'Don't Stop Believing' of 2013?

It's still too early to call it for 2013, so I'd say for 2012 it was a toss up between Swedish House Mafia's 'Dont You Worry Child,' and Calvin Harris's 'Feel So Close.' That song took forever to catch on with most crowds (I was playing it in 2011), but people always sing along to it! 'Dont You Worry Child' still kills right now.

When do you play your ‘Don't Stop Believing’?

Towards the end, depending on the room.

How important is it to know the regions musical tastes?

Very important. There are so many specific local genres and artists, its always good to show love when you play a gig out of town.

How many records/mp3s do you own?

Many many thousands. I stopped counting.

Dream venue?

Good energy, good DJ booth, LOTS of BASS, cool people who come to DANCE, and fun atmosphere. There are few places that can touch all of those.

How do you start your set?

In Red Bull Thre3Style, I like a slow buildup, to keep some drama and excitement. At my other gigs, I like to play personal favorites, indie, nu-disco, and build up the night from there

Dream collaboration?

I've always wanted to work with Teddy Riley, Ryan Leslie, or Quincy Jones. I really admire their work.

Most annoying song request?

Whenever the song doesn't fit with what I'm playing, it just tells me that you aren't paying attention to the room, or the other people around you.

What was the riskiest mash up you’ve ever done?

I took the acapella for Janis Joplin's 'Mercedes Benz' and blended it with the instrumental to Kanye West's 'Heartless.' I did it live just messing around, and I actually pulled it off! It went over really well.

What’s your guilty favorite song?

My guilty pleasure right now is definitely Carly Rae Jepsen's 'This Kiss.' I'm a sucker for good pop-dance tunes with a nice melody. Its toooo catchy!

Do you know how to play any instruments?

I played the cello for years in grade school, and I was a classical percussionist in high school (played timpani, bells, etc). I still practice drums and piano every week.

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